Our passion

At Perrocador, our great passion is dog education.

Since 2013, we have been working on behavioral problems and offering basic education for a harmonious and happy coexistence for the whole family. We follow modern techniques, based on behavioral science and psychology, without use of aversives. We go to the dog's home, to its neighborhood, if that is where difficulties arise, but we also have facilities where we can work calmly and safely.

Once you contact us and we have a first chat, we will arrange a visit to meet the dog, see the situation first-hand and explain how we work. We will do together a workplan, which will largely depend on the time you can dedicate to your dog. Unfortunately in dog training there are no magic wands or shortcuts. 😉

Sometimes, the first step will be to rule out health problems, for which we will recommend a prior visit to the vet.

We will teach you how to work with your dog, so that you both gain security and strengthen your bond.

Reinforce and reward the desired behaviors, avoid all types of punishment, learn to communicate with your dog, understand what he "tells you", respect his needs, enjoy quality time together... these are some of the keys that we hope to transmit to you in our sessions.

«Dogs talk, but only to those who know how to listen to them«. Orhan Pamuk

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