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Dog Education

We go to your home, to the environment that usually surrounds the dog and where it spends its life and most of the possible problems arise. However, for dogs that need an exclusive, quiet and controlled environment, we have 16,000 m2 of land, with different fences and all the equipment you may need.

Behavior therapy

Aggression, anxiety, reactive dogs, excessive barking, fears...


Correct socialization during puppyhood will ensure a happy dog for the rest of its life. But we have to do it right, because our mistakes at this critical age will also leave their mark on the rest of your life.

Group classes

Always in small groups, where the experiences of our classmates serve to enrich our own experience.

Specialized courses

Use of the clicker, handling the leash, sniffing games, fear of the vet, etc. taught by both the Perrocador team and guest educators.


In schools and institutions on canine education and responsible animal ownership.

Advice to protectors

We defend adoption over the purchase of pets. We altruistically collaborate with various protective associations on the island. We are available to any individual who wants to adopt, to help them choose the most suitable dog for their lifestyle. We will accompany you and advise you at no cost. We offer discounted rates for adopted dogs.

Weekend dog club

On weekends we have joint, fun and varied activities. Excursions, games, obedience practices, leash management, mantrailing, rescue, smell games, proprioception,…
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